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Instagram introduces a New Icon and Updated App

Launched in 2010, Instagram needs little to no introduction at all as in its 5 years of existence it has become the social media platform of choice for most users thanks to its minimalistic look, ease of navigation and highly visual timeline.

Instagram has truly evolved over the years and when almost every app-maker was embracing flat design and the modernized design guidelines of Android and iOS where flatter and more colourful icons became the order of the day, Instagram remained firmly stuck in iOS circa 2007: the very definition of a skeuomorphic, coloured brown meant to evoke a Polaroid camera.


I think everyone knew a redesign had to be on its way and today it has finally come. Instagram is releasing both a new app icon, and an updated app.

The new icon references Instagram’s old logo but with a simplified and softer camera that appears in a very colourful background. The intermingling colours and blur from purple to pink to orange and yellow which draws you back to Instagram’s iconic rainbow in its older design.


On the contrary of Instagram’s icon being filled with colour, the app itself has went grayscale, moving away from the blue and white chrome to black and white which allows colour in the app to come from the community’s posts now complementing image and video visibility.


“Last year, a group of us started digging into how we could support this evolution while staying true to Instagram’s heritage and spirit. We wanted to create a look that would represent the community’s full range of expression — past, present, and future.” Ian Spalter


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