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BBM’s light now shines brighter than the others!

#‎BlackBerry‬‘s trump card application(‪#‎BBM‬) has taken a further leap far ahead of its competitors. The BBM applicationhas long being the “value-adding” service that pushed Blackberry’s handset sales.

With the new update for its users on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones, Blackberry brings many new features to the app such as free voice-calling, BBM Channels, Dropbox integration and location-sharing among others.

Petrolbom’s Strategist, @thabang_nkosi says ”
From a strategic point of view, Blackberry has realized the shift of their income from solely relying on Handset mobile sales to the BBM application by starting to attract more utilization of the their flagship app. This Makes reference to the new way of conducting ‪#‎BusinessInTechnology‬ being used by many brands:
1. Build an app
2. Make it freely available & easily accessed
3. Get users to stay on the application as long as possible
4. Sell ad space
5. Generate income
6. Repeat steps 3 – 6

Congratulations to Blackberry on realizing the true value of their brand outside handset sales. ‪#‎Innovation‬ ‪#‎Adapting‬


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